Finding your signature scent can be a long process, especially when you live somewhere with 4 extremely different seasons. Right now we are just coming out of a late indian summer so I thought I would share some of my fave scents before I swap them out for new fall ones.

First off, the scent that stays on my vanity all year long, Karl Lagerfeld for Her. This perfume is seriously so lovely, it isn’t too floral while still smelling feminine and fresh; the scent stands up to casual lunches with friends, weddings, date nights and all that falls in-between. The first time I picked it up I wasn’t too sure if I would really love it or not but it has became my mainstay because it is very light so I can spritz before I get to the office in the morning and I’m not worried about having a perfume cloud around me.

The next scent I tend to be drawn to is BCBG Max Azria, the scent is fruity and smooth with a light sweetness and it is absolutely perfect for summer days. The bottle has a huge acrylic floral cap that truly makes a statement in comparison to many other classic bottle types.


DKNY has always made the freshest perfumes, I must own at least 4 of them haha! The Green Apple Be Delicious spritz is the ultimate energizer. If I need a pick me up in the morning and coffee isn’t going to cut it, this scent is what I put on before going out the door and everything seems fresher and brighter throughout the day. The notes of apple and citrus really make this one of my all time favourite perfumes.

CKin2U is another perfume I love, it is less of a summer scent and more of a transitional scent. Musky, spicy and slightly sweet it really puts you into another world when you spray it on. The perfect date night perfume, Calvin Klein knows how to makes scents that much sexier.

Finally, Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom, a great perfume for feeling lady-like. I recently reached for this when getting ready for a cousin’s bridal shower that had a vintage tea party theme. Fascinators and all, the finishing touch was a light spritz of this floral scent, my nana even complemented it (So you know its truly sophisticated).

Comment below if you have any new fall scents that you would like to hear more about or one you think I should try!