Small Town Stylish is a lifestyle blog with a major focus on fashion, beauty and of course, style.

As a child I could always be found with drawings of dresses and handbags in my Backpack and my nose in the latest fashion magazines. Although I was interested in fashion at such a young age, I chose a career path that was practical and could easily be intertwined into the fashion industry if the opportunity opened up. After spending my post secondary career focused primarily on marketing and communications, I found myself drawn even closer to the fashion industry and what influences designers and stylists each and every season.

I come from a small town of less than 6000 people in rural Ontario, Canada. (And yes, we all know each other haha!) I think my young aspirations of design and styling lead me to a closet that is a serious mash-up of classic staples, practical flannel and girly accessories. My style is a mix of whatever attitude I wake up in that day; Whether it be grungy 90’s plaid and baggy pants or super femme in a dress and stilettos, I tend to fall all across the board when it comes to everyday style and I love that I can express myself through an outlet with endless options.

I’m usually that girl far too overdressed for a trip to the grocery store or meeting my friends for lunch at the local pub but its never a dull moment and thats why I decided it was about time for me to capitalize on my creativity and keen eye for hidden gems.

I would love to hear from fellow fashionistas and style lovers alike, get in touch with me here at